Pandemic Survival Cont.

We continue to find ourselves in the midst of a health and racial pandemic!

We’ve had a few amazing guests to come on the show and talk to us about their perspective of the pandemic, but I thought it was time for a classic one on one to talk about how preserving your mental health through all of this is beyond worth it!

In this episode we gain a few reminders from our host’s unique perspective of how to cope or deal with what’s going on around us.

She acknowledges that even almost a year into COVID-19 and racial injustices running rapid more than ever, the events that are taking place can weigh heavy on our minds and physical bodies.

Practicing gratitude, mental health check-ins and pursuing a positive mindset are just a few reminders that our host drops in this episode along with encouragement and a little bit of REAL tough love!

Tune into this week’s episode for the full effect!

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