Pandemic Survival Pt. 2 Ft. Nikkia Jones

And the pandemic conversation continues…in this episode we not only have OUR FIRST LIVE GUEST EVER, we truly learn that there are multiple perspectives to view the issue of a pandemic from.

We bring aboard Mrs. Nikkia Jones who gives some amazing insight not only as a business owner, but as a wife and a mother!

Her humble personality and wise words really come to life as she expresses her faith in God, desire to build a legacy that she and her husband both share, and concern for her children.

To here the wise words spoken, tune into Episode 2 of Season 4!

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, cancer survivors and families of loves ones who have passed on due to breast cancer, we have a couple of specials!

Here at RTWS you have our love, support and you are in our prayers as we remember those who have suffered and those who beat breast cancer! So enjoy these gifts on us!

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From Mrs. Nikkia Jones use code PINK on any breast cancer awareness product in her Arlei Natural Beauty store!

The Purity Journey: Unspoken Battles of Singleness Pt.3

This episode series has to be our best one yet! The Purity Journey is heating up! One reoccurring lesson we have learned is testimonies always have an element of power and freedom.

We believe that now is the time for the truth to be told about being single, the good and the bad. Singleness is beautiful but there are always obstacles to overcome.

Our host Samantha Helene C. has already given some very helpful tips on how to cope and battle the temptations of singleness if you are one who desires to remain pure until it is time for the blessing of marriage.

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