TPJ: PORN Edition 😱These Stats Are Ridiculous‼️

After tuning in this episode, you might want to think twice about watching porn…

On This Episode, We Learn…

Point #1: Being addicted in layman’s terms means to be physically and mentally dependent on a substance or stimuli. Side of effects from withdrawing from an addiction can include convulsions and being irritable.

Point #2: Almost half of males and 13% of females that are practicing Christians ages 13-24 are actively seeking porn almost twice a month. 28% of Christian men and 11% of Christian women say they were exposed to porn before the age of 12 😱

All statistics brought to light in this episode can be found by visiting

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Pandemic Survival 🗣Having Patience With Niesha Johnson!

THIS IS IT Y’all! We have reached the final portion of this episode series we call Pandemic Survival. We are joined with the lovely Niesha Johnson giving us the final words of wisdom on the topic of patience in the midst of an ongoing pandemic 😷

In this episode we learn…

Takeaway #1

Be intentional about the pauses you take for yourself.

Takeaway #2

Use this time to learn HOW TO BE STILL. (there are so many benefits to this and in being still, you experience patience).

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Pandemic Survival 🗣Having Patience With Jessaca Rowe

Has patience always been a sore spot for you? Has the pandemic given you a rough time to hold on to what seems like not enough of it? Has your personal life, career, or business taken a hit? Tune in to continue the discussion of pandemic survival from the perspective and just what this p letter word entails with our lovely guest Mrs. Jessaca Rowe.

In this episode we learn…

Main Takeaway

Do NOT dwell so much in the past or in the future, live in and focus on the now!

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Pandemic Survival 🗣 Can’t You Wait Until Your Change Comes?

In a global pandemic, how is your patience level doing? No matter where you feel you are on the patience scale, I promise you have it. Tune into this week’s episode on how to survive on just the right amount of patience during COVID-19.

In this episode, we learn…

Takeaway One

Patience does not involve the action of waiting alone, it is about the attitude and perspective you have while you are waiting.

Takeaway Two

If you choose to pray for more patience, you will be met with more opportunities to demonstrate patience.

And all of our loyal listeners know that sounds familiar, because our host dropped that gem back in Season 1 on the episode Self Awareness and The Truth About Patience

We Are Back! (More Pandemic Survival)

How has your relationships been affected since COVID-19 hit? Has it gotten better? Worse?

No matter where you find yourself in your relationships with others, tune in for some delectable insight, tips, and most importantly REAL TALK!

Happy 2021🎉

We start off the year with some amazing tips that our host graced us with on the topic of relationships under the ongoing episode series Pandemic Survival.

On This Episode, We Learn…

  1. Being humble requires you to acknowledge that there are certain things that you have to improve upon.
  2. Not only that, you have contributed in some way to the way your relationships in your family have turned out.
  3. The lack of communication will result in the death of your relationship.

We learn so much more in this episode that we can apply immediately and take with us to improve our relationships.

Our goal is to have an awesome 2021 and further survive this global pandemic.

Tune into this episode below or visit any podcast platform to catch all the takeaway gems!

Pandemic Survival Cont.

We continue to find ourselves in the midst of a health and racial pandemic!

We’ve had a few amazing guests to come on the show and talk to us about their perspective of the pandemic, but I thought it was time for a classic one on one to talk about how preserving your mental health through all of this is beyond worth it!

In this episode we gain a few reminders from our host’s unique perspective of how to cope or deal with what’s going on around us.

She acknowledges that even almost a year into COVID-19 and racial injustices running rapid more than ever, the events that are taking place can weigh heavy on our minds and physical bodies.

Practicing gratitude, mental health check-ins and pursuing a positive mindset are just a few reminders that our host drops in this episode along with encouragement and a little bit of REAL tough love!

Tune into this week’s episode for the full effect!

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Pandemic Survival Ft. Juanita Austin

We are back with yet another information packed episode in our new series Pandemic Survival.

We are kicking the conversation up another notch by bringing aboard the lovely Juanita Austin.

Juanita shares her powerful story of how the racial injustices that we have been seeing and protesting all over the world inspired her to pursue business on her heart, Black Wall Street Online.

She continues to express how COVID has an effect on herself, her family and those around her not so much in health, but from a perspective of education and its rapid decline.

She expresses her upbeat personality and gratitude that her family’s health continues to be preserved as they take the necessary precautions and fearlessly shares her journey with us on the show!

Tune in to listen to her POV and pearls of wisdom that will provide a fresh perspective on how you can continue to weather the storm and what needs to be done!

Pandemic Survival Pt. 2 Ft. Nikkia Jones

And the pandemic conversation continues…in this episode we not only have OUR FIRST LIVE GUEST EVER, we truly learn that there are multiple perspectives to view the issue of a pandemic from.

We bring aboard Mrs. Nikkia Jones who gives some amazing insight not only as a business owner, but as a wife and a mother!

Her humble personality and wise words really come to life as she expresses her faith in God, desire to build a legacy that she and her husband both share, and concern for her children.

To here the wise words spoken, tune into Episode 2 of Season 4!

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Pandemic Survival Pt. 1

In the beginning of March 2020, a virus known as COVID-19, would make the whole world come to a hault 🛑 It’s now the end of September, and we are no where near out of the woods.

We are having REAL TALK about Pandemic Survival this season! This is the official launch of season 4 of the Real Talk With Sam Series podcast.

First up on deck, we sat down to talk about the pandemic with the lovely Chelsea Williams!

Based on what was said in the very first episode of season 4, this is about to be super informative, full of wisdom and invaluable tools that we need to move forward!

Chelsea’s loving but powerful tone brought a whole new dynamic and a much needed fresh perspective!

Be on the lookout for her LP3 podcast that will be launching before the end of this year (2020)!

We can’t wait to bring Chelsea back on the show soon!

In the meantime, grab your note pad and an open mind to the knowledge given in this week’s episode!

The Purity Journey: The Unspoken Battles of Singleness Pt. 4

What Happens If You Fall? Lustful Thoughts Count! Yes if you think it, you are it! Tune in in this episode to find out just how much impact your thoughts can and will have on your actions, and why your purity journey is even rockier than you think it will be. Nothing worth having is easy!