Pandemic Survival Pt. 1

In the beginning of March 2020, a virus known as COVID-19, would make the whole world come to a hault 🛑 It’s now the end of September, and we are no where near out of the woods.

We are having REAL TALK about Pandemic Survival this season! This is the official launch of season 4 of the Real Talk With Sam Series podcast.

First up on deck, we sat down to talk about the pandemic with the lovely Chelsea Williams!

Based on what was said in the very first episode of season 4, this is about to be super informative, full of wisdom and invaluable tools that we need to move forward!

Chelsea’s loving but powerful tone brought a whole new dynamic and a much needed fresh perspective!

Be on the lookout for her LP3 podcast that will be launching before the end of this year (2020)!

We can’t wait to bring Chelsea back on the show soon!

In the meantime, grab your note pad and an open mind to the knowledge given in this week’s episode!

The Purity Journey: The Unspoken Battles of Singleness Pt. 4

What Happens If You Fall? Lustful Thoughts Count! Yes if you think it, you are it! Tune in in this episode to find out just how much impact your thoughts can and will have on your actions, and why your purity journey is even rockier than you think it will be. Nothing worth having is easy!