New Episode Series Alert! The Purity Journey: The Unspoken Battles of Singleness

Singleness is one of the best seasons of life, but it does NOT come without its challenges. Welcome to our new episode series called The Purity Journey: The Unspoken Battles of Singleness where we put everything on the table?

Our host Samantha Helene C. courageously shared her testimony with all of us on the show about her personal battles with her battles as a single woman. She broke down for us how it all came about, unveiled another piece of her story, and the strength that God gave her to overcome even in spite of indulging in the struggles that she found herself in.

We would learn why she felt she had to indulge in the unspoken battles that she now is bringing to the table and how silence on these issues to do not lead anyone closer to freedom, but rather create a deeper hole for doubt, darkness and the burden of addiction to set in.

We are so proud of our host for being transparent with us and encouraging the conversation of singleness, and we look forward to part two of this brand new series!

Join us by clicking here to tune in to the episode, and join the conversation right here on the website on how you have dealt with or are dealing with your stage of singleness.

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