I Thought Season One Was Good, Season Two?! MY Mind Is Blown?

As the founder and host of the Real Talk With Sam Series, I am beyond excited about the progress we have made in the first two seasons. As I am sitting at my desk writing this, I can remember the hesitancy that went through my body when I published the pilot episode nine months ago. And to see how far the RTWS podcast is today..I’m ecstatic!

After sixteen great episodes, we got to bask in new ideas, wisdom, testimonies, and clarity for more real-life topics drop in season two.

The season finale was none other than the third and final part of the episode series Hustle vs. Grind: Is It Godly or Nah?

I had the honor of featuring Nina Nwade on the show this week. Someone I not only deem an old classmate but a friend who always had my best interests at heart. After knowing her for six years, the girl shocked me to my core with how much SHE HAS GROWN!

Not only did she answer the aforementioned questions, but what she had to say challenged ME as the host a little bit. Through all sixteen minutes, I could not help but smile like a kid in a candy store when I heard her speak.

So what if you’ve been chasing that dream, and hustling for the dream to manifest, and it turns out that wasn’t even close to God’s best for you? Was it a waste of time? Did you fall into the grind?

We had these amazing conversations with two different people and you’re probably wondering what the answer to the question is (Is it Godly or Nah?)

Well, I have some great news…we have reached an answer! Find out for yourself if you’ve been hustling or grinding by tuning into our season finale.

See you soon for SEASON THREE!