Hustle Vs. Grind: Godly or Nah? Ep.1

We have heard the words “hustle” and “grind” used a lot on social media, business, entrepreneurship, everywhere you turn just about you hear either one of these words being used in everyday conversation. So what exactly is the difference? Is there a difference? And are either of these words something that we should identify with as God’s children?

When I tell y’all I was ITCHING to talk about this topic! My accountability group and I had a spur of the moment conversation I felt this was super important especially for my business owners out there headed for greatness there is a DISTINCTION in these two words that needed to be explained. I struggled with this ever since I got my first job, I mean I was familiar with the Bible verse that whoever does not work shouldn’t eat and…I GOT’S TO EAT! LOL, But is there a line? Is there a grey area with all of this?

The problem was I did not know where to draw the line between my work ethic and trusting God with things that were bigger than myself. You see, one of the main issues I have had along my journey was allowing my heart to trust God with things about my vision that was and are not not-so-easy to obtain all by myself. So I did my research, I dug deep within myself and of course, I prayed and asked God to reveal the answer and provide me with a way to better understand this.

In this episode, I share a little bit of what God has dropped in me along with a couple of scriptures to accompany the points. And what do we discover? Uh-oh…there IS a difference.

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