Do You Really Know Yourself?

In this podcast episode, we explore a subject that hits close to home for all of us.


Because it is about us as individuals.

We ask the question: Do You TRULY know yourself?

You see, there are certain intrinsic things that are within us that take time and effort to discover our own and be confident about.

It turns out that we don’t need to wait on a family advisor or friend to ask us certain questions on the road to self-discovery.

From simple things like why we prefer apples over oranges to DEEP things like why we react a specific way when we see a certain person.

There are questions we can ask ourselves to know ourselves better.

It is an awesome thing to know that there is ALWAYS something that we [humans] that we don’t know, at least one thing that we have yet to discover. That’s AMAZING!

So get your paper and pen out and get ready to take notes!

Click here to tune into this week’s episode! I invite you all to allow the words to speak to you and spark the conversation that all of us need to have with ourselves.

Possible side effects are…a feeling of tightness, a feeling of conviction, and a feeling of “This girl is all up in my house right now.” Tune in and hang on tight?