Hustle Vs. Grind: Godly or Nah? Ep.1

We have heard the words “hustle” and “grind” used a lot on social media, business, entrepreneurship, everywhere you turn just about you hear either one of these words being used in everyday conversation. So what exactly is the difference? Is there a difference? And are either of these words something that we should identify with as God’s children?

When I tell y’all I was ITCHING to talk about this topic! My accountability group and I had a spur of the moment conversation I felt this was super important especially for my business owners out there headed for greatness there is a DISTINCTION in these two words that needed to be explained. I struggled with this ever since I got my first job, I mean I was familiar with the Bible verse that whoever does not work shouldn’t eat and…I GOT’S TO EAT! LOL, But is there a line? Is there a grey area with all of this?

The problem was I did not know where to draw the line between my work ethic and trusting God with things that were bigger than myself. You see, one of the main issues I have had along my journey was allowing my heart to trust God with things about my vision that was and are not not-so-easy to obtain all by myself. So I did my research, I dug deep within myself and of course, I prayed and asked God to reveal the answer and provide me with a way to better understand this.

In this episode, I share a little bit of what God has dropped in me along with a couple of scriptures to accompany the points. And what do we discover? Uh-oh…there IS a difference.

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Pandemic Survival Cont.

We continue to find ourselves in the midst of a health and racial pandemic!

We’ve had a few amazing guests to come on the show and talk to us about their perspective of the pandemic, but I thought it was time for a classic one on one to talk about how preserving your mental health through all of this is beyond worth it!

In this episode we gain a few reminders from our host’s unique perspective of how to cope or deal with what’s going on around us.

She acknowledges that even almost a year into COVID-19 and racial injustices running rapid more than ever, the events that are taking place can weigh heavy on our minds and physical bodies.

Practicing gratitude, mental health check-ins and pursuing a positive mindset are just a few reminders that our host drops in this episode along with encouragement and a little bit of REAL tough love!

Tune into this week’s episode for the full effect!

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Pandemic Survival Ft. Juanita Austin

We are back with yet another information packed episode in our new series Pandemic Survival.

We are kicking the conversation up another notch by bringing aboard the lovely Juanita Austin.

Juanita shares her powerful story of how the racial injustices that we have been seeing and protesting all over the world inspired her to pursue business on her heart, Black Wall Street Online.

She continues to express how COVID has an effect on herself, her family and those around her not so much in health, but from a perspective of education and its rapid decline.

She expresses her upbeat personality and gratitude that her family’s health continues to be preserved as they take the necessary precautions and fearlessly shares her journey with us on the show!

Tune in to listen to her POV and pearls of wisdom that will provide a fresh perspective on how you can continue to weather the storm and what needs to be done!

Pandemic Survival Pt. 2 Ft. Nikkia Jones

And the pandemic conversation continues…in this episode we not only have OUR FIRST LIVE GUEST EVER, we truly learn that there are multiple perspectives to view the issue of a pandemic from.

We bring aboard Mrs. Nikkia Jones who gives some amazing insight not only as a business owner, but as a wife and a mother!

Her humble personality and wise words really come to life as she expresses her faith in God, desire to build a legacy that she and her husband both share, and concern for her children.

To here the wise words spoken, tune into Episode 2 of Season 4!

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Pandemic Survival Pt. 1

In the beginning of March 2020, a virus known as COVID-19, would make the whole world come to a hault 🛑 It’s now the end of September, and we are no where near out of the woods.

We are having REAL TALK about Pandemic Survival this season! This is the official launch of season 4 of the Real Talk With Sam Series podcast.

First up on deck, we sat down to talk about the pandemic with the lovely Chelsea Williams!

Based on what was said in the very first episode of season 4, this is about to be super informative, full of wisdom and invaluable tools that we need to move forward!

Chelsea’s loving but powerful tone brought a whole new dynamic and a much needed fresh perspective!

Be on the lookout for her LP3 podcast that will be launching before the end of this year (2020)!

We can’t wait to bring Chelsea back on the show soon!

In the meantime, grab your note pad and an open mind to the knowledge given in this week’s episode!

The Purity Journey: The Unspoken Battles of Singleness Pt. 4

What Happens If You Fall? Lustful Thoughts Count! Yes if you think it, you are it! Tune in in this episode to find out just how much impact your thoughts can and will have on your actions, and why your purity journey is even rockier than you think it will be. Nothing worth having is easy!

The Purity Journey: Unspoken Battles of Singleness Pt.3

This episode series has to be our best one yet! The Purity Journey is heating up! One reoccurring lesson we have learned is testimonies always have an element of power and freedom.

We believe that now is the time for the truth to be told about being single, the good and the bad. Singleness is beautiful but there are always obstacles to overcome.

Our host Samantha Helene C. has already given some very helpful tips on how to cope and battle the temptations of singleness if you are one who desires to remain pure until it is time for the blessing of marriage.

Scroll back to the top to see the preview of this episode or binge tune-in to the whole episode series!

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New Episode Series Alert! The Purity Journey: The Unspoken Battles of Singleness

Singleness is one of the best seasons of life, but it does NOT come without its challenges. Welcome to our new episode series called The Purity Journey: The Unspoken Battles of Singleness where we put everything on the table?

Our host Samantha Helene C. courageously shared her testimony with all of us on the show about her personal battles with her battles as a single woman. She broke down for us how it all came about, unveiled another piece of her story, and the strength that God gave her to overcome even in spite of indulging in the struggles that she found herself in.

We would learn why she felt she had to indulge in the unspoken battles that she now is bringing to the table and how silence on these issues to do not lead anyone closer to freedom, but rather create a deeper hole for doubt, darkness and the burden of addiction to set in.

We are so proud of our host for being transparent with us and encouraging the conversation of singleness, and we look forward to part two of this brand new series!

Join us by clicking here to tune in to the episode, and join the conversation right here on the website on how you have dealt with or are dealing with your stage of singleness.

Judgment free-zone, healing is welcome here

Do You Really Know Yourself?

In this podcast episode, we explore a subject that hits close to home for all of us.


Because it is about us as individuals.

We ask the question: Do You TRULY know yourself?

You see, there are certain intrinsic things that are within us that take time and effort to discover our own and be confident about.

It turns out that we don’t need to wait on a family advisor or friend to ask us certain questions on the road to self-discovery.

From simple things like why we prefer apples over oranges to DEEP things like why we react a specific way when we see a certain person.

There are questions we can ask ourselves to know ourselves better.

It is an awesome thing to know that there is ALWAYS something that we [humans] that we don’t know, at least one thing that we have yet to discover. That’s AMAZING!

So get your paper and pen out and get ready to take notes!

Click here to tune into this week’s episode! I invite you all to allow the words to speak to you and spark the conversation that all of us need to have with ourselves.

Possible side effects are…a feeling of tightness, a feeling of conviction, and a feeling of “This girl is all up in my house right now.” Tune in and hang on tight?

What To Do, What To Do With All Of This? ?

Being in the house the majority of the time now has given me a chance to do something I didn’t have the time to do before, study! Of course I’m talking about studying for school lol but I mean moreso studying topics I am personally interested in. And even though I’ve gained a lot more knowledge progressing through life, sometimes we obtain that we forget to apply it which takes something called wisdom.

Wisdom is becoming a rare art, and I think it is something worth investing our time to learn how to do.

It is here! Season 3 and we’ve learned a great deal together! The only thing better than gaining knowledge is applying the knowledge, and what better way to start off a new season than with that lovely “W” word?!

Join us by tuning into this episode and share with your family & friends!

I Thought Season One Was Good, Season Two?! MY Mind Is Blown?

As the founder and host of the Real Talk With Sam Series, I am beyond excited about the progress we have made in the first two seasons. As I am sitting at my desk writing this, I can remember the hesitancy that went through my body when I published the pilot episode nine months ago. And to see how far the RTWS podcast is today..I’m ecstatic!

After sixteen great episodes, we got to bask in new ideas, wisdom, testimonies, and clarity for more real-life topics drop in season two.

The season finale was none other than the third and final part of the episode series Hustle vs. Grind: Is It Godly or Nah?

I had the honor of featuring Nina Nwade on the show this week. Someone I not only deem an old classmate but a friend who always had my best interests at heart. After knowing her for six years, the girl shocked me to my core with how much SHE HAS GROWN!

Not only did she answer the aforementioned questions, but what she had to say challenged ME as the host a little bit. Through all sixteen minutes, I could not help but smile like a kid in a candy store when I heard her speak.

So what if you’ve been chasing that dream, and hustling for the dream to manifest, and it turns out that wasn’t even close to God’s best for you? Was it a waste of time? Did you fall into the grind?

We had these amazing conversations with two different people and you’re probably wondering what the answer to the question is (Is it Godly or Nah?)

Well, I have some great news…we have reached an answer! Find out for yourself if you’ve been hustling or grinding by tuning into our season finale.

See you soon for SEASON THREE!